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Lawrence Field Hockey Rocks!

Getting last minute instructions. Photo by E. Driscoll

  By Emma Driscoll

  1.  We are the bulldogs!
  2. I still can’t here you!
  3. A little bit louder!
  4.  More, more, more! 1!

The Falmouth teams are back in action, led by Coach Winslow, the former gym teacher, and the newest member to the team, Coach Wiley!

Push, pass, or slap shot, Lawrence teams are going to blow your top!  Put your cage goggles on and your mouth guard in, check your shin guards and stick and you get the feeling you’re going to win! Both goalies wait at the end of the field with the ref in the middle, along with center mid, right, and left wing/mid and back at their positions.  The whistle­­­­­ is blown and the game begins! Your cleats feel tight as you run up and down the field; your mouth fills with spit because you chew your mouth guard when the other team is close to your goal.  Your lungs fill with fire as you run to the ball every time it comes in your direction. But after you win your game, and see the smiles spread across your coaches’ faces, you know it was all worth it!

The social scene is a hot topic for field hockey girls, and even when you’re not talking about what went on in math, you’re still talking to your teammates or, as you move on in the sport, your “family”.  You make new friends and you connect with the old. Being on a team is a great opportunity and field hockey can provide that for anyone who wants to try.  “Don’t be afraid to come out and try.  You stay in shape, you talk to friends, and you have fun!” Coach Winslow says.  If you’re looking for fun, sportsmanship, and getting in shape, field hockey might be the thing for you! Besides, does anyone else do the karaoke, Frankenstein, butt-kick and kick the stick?