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What to do? What to do?



 By Eliza M 

      You’re online and you’ve been on Facebook and MySpace a bazillion times, and nothing ever happens on Twitter. You’re so…bored… Be bored no longer! Here are seven ways to cure your boredom! This fun website includes more than a thousand games, all categorized by type, such as multi-player and platform. Ok, yes, this website DOES exist. It is another gaming website, and I stumbled upon it when I was bored to tears one day. It provides downloads, unlike Ok, girls, this is a fantastic website for you. It gives makeover advice, and, if you get an account, it will send you, like the site itself states, a daily makeover. My personal favorite part of this website is that it has an incredible virtual makeover studio.

DeviantArt .com If you like art of any kind, you’ll love this website! With real-life artists, you can find paintings, sculpture, manga, fan-art, and more, or get an account and submit your own. This is one of those avatar-chat sites, like Club Penguin or IMVU, but instead of a bunch of little kids, or losers with no life, this website is full of really cool people, most from ages 12 to 17. It also has many worlds you can “explore”, and cool clothes you can dress up in. The official home of Where’s Waldo? This website tells you that you’re really, really bored, but, hey, it’s pretty fun!

Get off Your Butt! Our last suggestion is probably the best of all, but it’s not a website!  If you are bored on the computer, then do something else. Go outside, read, interact with REAL people, do something!