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The Other Guys

Reviewed By Liam Doherty 

Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg

Directed By: Adam McKay

2010, PG-13, 107 minutes

                Will Ferrell has made some of the funniest movies of the past decade. He has made a likable anti-hero in all of his films (with the exception of the forgettable 2009 flop, Land of the Lost, where his character was flat-out unlikable). Whether he is the obnoxious Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, or the self-centered moron Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell’s movies will make you laugh. The Other Guys is no exception.

In The Other Guys, Will Ferrell is hilarious as Allen, a paper-pushing cop, but he’s not one of the cops that chase down the bad guys and get into gun fights. Those are the “super cops,” perfectly played by Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Allen is one of the “other guys,” the people that do the paperwork for the super cops.

                Allen’s partner, Terry, played by Mark Wahlberg, was a super-cop until he accidently shot Derek Jeter during the World Series (“You should’ve shot A-Rod!” yelled one officer). It’s hilarious when Terry tries to get Allen to go on a big case with him so he can relive his super-cop days. But Allen likes doing paperwork and doesn’t want to join Terry. Allen and Terry don’t get along. The “tuna vs. shark” scene is possibly the funniest 60 seconds of a movie all year.

                An opportunity arrives for the two misfits to solve a big case and they set out to become super cops. The result: Ferrell’s funniest movie yet. B+