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More Time


 By Kendra McGuire

Two minutes to go from one class to the next is not always enough time. Some kids don’t even have enough time to get to their lockers, so they don’t even use them. We have short days and short class periods, but we should not have a short time in the halls because we do not have a short list of things to carry.

Some teachers give you books to leave at home, but not all teachers do that.  Kids in one of my classes told me how many books and binders they carry to and from school.  One person said four or less, four people said five, one said six, one said seven, and one person said ten or more!  According to the website called Spine Universe, for kids in the Lawrence School, the average weight of a backpack should be between eighteen and twenty four pounds.  This is the average weight of four small bunnies. Do you know how much your backpack weighs?

Mrs. Cruse, seventh grade science teacher, says that every day at least one person is late for her class. She also said that they are usually different people late she also is one of the teachers that want her students to go to their lockers before class. But Ms. Nimtz said that her class has no tardy kids without passes. Could this be because of the fact that they are on different sides of the hall? Do you have enough time between classes? Does your backpack weigh more than a few small bunnies? Think about it but don’t be late for class.