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Syncronized Skating


By Emma P

            Synchronized skating is a sport where “your feet can learn the steps, but only your heart can skate them.” This quote was said by Saga Krantz, coach of the Haydenettes Synchronized Skating Team. The Haydenettes just recently came in fourth at the World Synchronized Skating Competition in Zagreb, Croatia. This world competitive team came in fourth and scored 207.40 points with less than two points behind the winner of the bronze medal.  The 3rd place medal was won by Team Surprise of Sweden.

That’s just the beginning of this wonderful and growing sport called synchronized skating. I have been doing “syncro” for about four years. My first year on a team, I was on Shoreline of Cape Cod. This skating season, I skated on the Mini Mates out of Lexington, MA. This season was a great season.  We came in 2nd at our most recent competition!
My first competition with Shoreline was one of the most wonderful and best events of my life.

Once I stepped on the ice, I felt like I could not do anything but keep my head high, my shoulders back, and a smile on my face! Going in to my third year on Shoreline of Cape Cod, the team fell apart and there was no more Shoreline of Cape Cod. It was a very hard time for me and my mom, we did not know what to do or what team I was going to do the following year to keep up my dream. I stopped Synchronized Skating for two seasons, but I still went to every competition that was close. After these two hard years, I finally found a team that I would fall in love with for the next year of my “syncro” career!

The team I skated on for this past season of 2008-2009 was the Mini Mates. We were okay, but I still made a ton of friends and learned the meaning of teamwork. The Mini Mates skate at a juvenile level and came in sixth at the Eastern Sectional Competition.  Getting sixth did not make us eligible to go on to Nationals in 2009. 

Synchronized skating as thought me many lessons; like teamwork, how to make friends, and how much fun you can have with one little spot.  Losing is not always fun, but at least you can have fun doing it, and that’s what matters. I also learned what being on a team means: there is no “I” inteam! You have to do everything alike, and if one person is messing up, then your whole team is messing up.  It only takes one person for the whole team to lose. Even though you might get upset with a member on your team, you have to remember that the team is your skating family, and you should always keep your family close!