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Deviant Art

artworkBy Eliza Monty


                Deviant Art is a site for artists of all kinds. Like photography? Make it “Deviant”. Like digital art? You could be a “Deviant”. Like manga? You can make that a “Deviant”, too. All art is accepted. You just need a scanner.

                Have you ever thought that there was no artist like you in the whole wide world? Like you were alone in your own artistic domain? Well, on Deviant Art, there are many people who have been there and know exactly how you feel. On the website, you can talk to other artists and meet new friends. You can join an artist’s community.

                This website sound really cool, huh? Well, it’s about to get better! It is a FREE site, and you don’t have to pay for anything to access it.  If you want to pay, the subscription is only about five dollars a month, or thirty dollars a year. With a subscription, you get everything mentioned here, plus you get the ability to sell your work, create polls, and more.

                Are you thinking, “Well, golly, this site looks great, but I’m not so sure they won’t steal my art”?  Well, I’ve got news for you. Deviant Art has a truth policy, and every “Deviant” gives their word they won’t corrupt your art by signing the terms of service.                                                                                                              Deviant Art is a safe website. People can join as long as they are over 13 years old.  Deviant Art automatically blocks any art marked ‘mature’ if you are under 18.                             

                Are you an art fan, but not an artist? Well, that’s fine, too. You can see artist’s work and give your opinions on it. You can even buy your favorite pieces. Perhaps you will discover a masterpiece!

As the website clearly states, “Join the largest art community in the world! Membership is FREE!  Share and sell your artwork, start your Art Collection, and track your favorite artists!”



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