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Peer Leaders

By Tatiana R

Most people in school don’t know what a peer leader is, but soon they are going to be everywhere. Peer leaders are kids who try to stop bullying, kid “drama,” and get people to stop doing drugs. The peer leaders work in the guidance room at the Lawrence school in Falmouth, ma. They meet once a week after school on Thursdays.

They try to show people what could happen to them when they do drugs, and also when there’s drama or bullying, they try to stop it. Mrs. Barbosa and Mrs. Casevant are the leaders of the group, they tell us some ways we can stop kids from bullying. Some ways we are able to stop bulling is by telling people to stop doing it when we see it. We would pull them aside and tell them what could happen and there is no reason to do any of this.

We would especially try to get rid of drug use because it shortens your life, there is no one in the world that would like their friend to die while they’re still in their teens, which is a bad sight to see. We try to tell the people who use drugs to quit by telling them what could happen to them if they don’t stop. We would tell them the heath conditions that happen to them. Through the program we were able to visit the administration building and see two doctors and talk about drugs use. Learning about drug use gave them an idea on how we could stop people from drug use.

Drama can also lead up to horrible situations also, lately there have been kids doing suicide because they think nothing is going to get better, but really it could. Peer leaders want to show people that everything will get better eventually. There is this boy that was 13 years old that committed suicide because a girl pretended to like him and show the whole school about all the information he told her. His father goes to schools and talks about what happened and says that everything will get better over time. We are hoping to get him to come to the school and speak next year and try to get kids to think differently, and the peer leaders try to tell some kids about it and try to get them to stop by showing them the positive side of life.