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A Monumental Monument

  World's Tallest BuildingA Monumental Monument

By Kendra McGuire

Burj Khalifa is the new tallest manmade building in the world, towering over everything around at 2,717 feet. The construction of this monumental monument began more than half a decade ago on September 21, 2004. The hard work paid off last October 1, but the public was not allowed in this massive structure.  It was not opened until a couple of months later on January 4, 2010.

When the building opened, it displayed many fireworks illuminating the constructers’ achievements.  This building holds new records such as the fastest elevator, going forty miles per hour, the highest observation deck, on the 124th floor, and the highest pool, on the 76th floor. It may look appealing, but the office space alone sells for 3,500 US dollars per square foot. If you thought that was expensive, the total cost of the building was 1.5 billion US dollars. This giant has cast a shadow on the old achievements and made its mark in history.

Despite its successor next door, the Rose Tower, also built in Dubai, was the former tallest building scaling 1,093 feet. This 72 story high building started construction in 2004 and was finished in 2007. But, like Burji Khalifa, it did not open until a much later date, two years later in December of 2009. This building has 482 rooms and the developer, Bonyan International Investment Group, invested 180 million us dollars in the building. How would you like a vacation in the clouds?