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April 14th, 2010 · No Comments · Articles


By Kathy T.

     Have you recently heard classmates talking about something called “CAST”? Most people in the school don’t know what CAST is. The CAST program is the Cross-Age Science Teaching Program.

      This is a program designed to teach easy science projects to kids in elementary school.  Ms. Harbison and Ms. Cornell began as volunteers for the program, and eventually took it over.  In early fall, Mrs. Parks, a retired Lawrence School science teacher, organized the first trip. Students were chosen by their science teachers, from the eighth grade Teams 4, 5, and 6 based on their dedication to their science classes.  The people involved stayed after school on Thursdays for two weeks to  prepare for the project.  Soon after, they walked to Mullen-Hall School twice during the school day. Each 8th grader taught a group of about four to six kids how to make a light bulb light up by using a light bulb, a wire, and a size D battery.

     To do this, Lawrence School students let the kids try to figure out how to make a circuit with the materials given, and after showed them how to do it properly: by attaching the wire to the light bulb and then touching the other end to the battery. Another project was to use motors along with the wire and battery to create colorful pinwheels.  Students taught another project about conductors and insulators using similar materials. 

     I was one of the people to participate in it, and I really enjoyed the experience.  The 3rd graders made it enjoyable and interesting because of their great enthusiasm and willingness to try new, fun experiments.

     If you are interested in doing this worthwhile and educational program, then you should talk to your science teacher about it. All you need to do is get your parents to sign a form saying you can go, be after school on the training days, and you have to be in school on the days that are for teaching. So if you love working with kids and think science is cool, then you might consider trying this program!



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