Learning about minimum, maximum, and the middle (aka the median)

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The kids learned all about how to figure out the minimum, maximum, and middle of a set of data by measuring their head sizes and their arm spam.  They then had to get themselves in order from the minimum (smallest) to the maximum (largest) size.  The HUGE challenge was to do it without any talking.  This was challenging at first but they quickly got the hang of how to communicate about numbers without any words.  Once they were in order, I had them sit down starting with the minimum and the maximum, the next minimum and maximum, until we got to the median value.

Fraction Lesson

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Today we learned how to order fractions by their size and to find out if two fractions are equivalent.  We  hung  our fraction index cards on our “number line” and then checked out work.

More Math Fun

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I found another math site that has all sorts of wonderful games, videos with explanations of math concepts, and fact practice.  Looks like a great site to explore.


Test Your Math Knowledge!

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Today in math we played a fun game to test our knowledge of a variety of math terms.  Click on the link below to play.


Fantastic New Math Web Site

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Since I was home sick today I was playing on the computer and found this wonderful math web site.  I tried the tangram game and because I am so spatially challenged it took me forever to put together a simple 4 piece tangram.  I challenge you to see how you do!

Check it out on the blogroll under “Fantastic New Math Web Site”