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This blog was created in the hopes that you will post and give suggestions for how we can use it to increase our learning. I hope we will all post to it often as our year together progresses.  It is also a place for us to document our year  in pictures and videos. I try every year to bring something new into the classroom with technology.  Like everyone else, I am always learning!

This is my ninth year teaching at Mullen Hall.  After teaching 4th grade for 7 years I switched to 2nd grade and am beginning my second year teaching 2nd grade.   Teaching 2nd is a return to my roots as a teacher since I did my student teaching at this grade.  While I loved 4th because the kids are old enough to be independent but still young enough to really love learning, I am finding that I adore the thirst and exhuburance for learning and life that 2nd graders bring!  Now for a little bit about me.  I  have an 19 year old son, Chris, whom I adore.  He is entering his sophmore year at the University of Rhode Island studying engineering and sailing.  He is a product of the Falmouth school system starting out at East Falmouth Elementary and graduating from Falmouth  High School.  You will hear me tell many stories about him and his adventures.  We also have a 7 year old Jack Russell named Jules.  She is my first dog and I can’t ever imagine life without her now.  You never know what she will do next.  Beware that she loves to help with correcting your papers and has been known to take a bite or two out of them!  As you can tell by the videos on the blog I love the ocean.   I also love to ski, golf, bike, collect rocks, read, watch the Red Sox, and spend time with my family and friends.  This summer I tried SUP (stand up paddle board) for the first time and love it.

Chris and his girlfriend Alexa-Junior Prom April 2011


Chris driving our rigid hull inflatable boat

Packing up personal care buckets for the tornado victims in Western Mass

Ms. Kruse in 1st or 2nd grade

Ms. Kruse at the San Diego Zoo