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We started our new writing genre today.  April is poetry month so I thought it would be only fitting that we write poems.  First we made a list of the things we like and dislike about poetry.  Next up we will spend some time just reading poems so we can see the variety in types and topics.

Fraction Lesson

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Today we learned how to order fractions by their size and to find out if two fractions are equivalent.  We  hung  our fraction index cards on our “number line” and then checked out work.

It’s MCAS and We Know It!

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Here’s the link I promised to the MCAS rap song we listened to in class yesterday. I know it gets me up and moving-enjoy!!


The Lorax Movie

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Today the entire 4th grade attended a private showing of the movie version of The Lorax by Dr. Suess.  The themes of taking care of the environment and one person being able to make a difference were presented in an engaging and entertaining manner.  When we returned to the classroom the kids designed their own “thneed” t-shirt and wrote a paragraph explaining their design.  Stop by our classroom and checkout the bulletin board with  their designs.

MCAS Dates

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Today we are taking the 4th grade English Language Arts Long Composition test.

Next week on Tuesday, March 27th and Wednesday, March 28th will be the two sessions for English Language Arts.

We will then be done with ELA and finish up with two sessions of Math MCAS testing on Tuesday, May 15th and Wednesday, May 16th.

Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before testing, eats a good breakfast that morning, and brings a water bottle and snack to school the day of the test.

Leprechaun Traps

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On Thursday afternoon of the 15th we set up all of our leprechaun traps in hopes of catching some that night.  Each student made a trap of their own original design and had to use at least 2 simple machines in their design.  Simple machines include the wedge, screw, wheel & axle, pulley, lever, and inclined plane.

When I arrived the next morning the room was a mess!  Everywhere I looked there was green leprechaun dust and little footprints.  All of the traps had been tripped but I wasn’t sure if we caught any so i waited until most of the kids had arrived for the morning.  Quietly we crept into the classroom in hopes of finding a “wee” person in one of the traps.  But they were tricky and had escaped so we closed the door and looked in the the cracks and crevices of the class.  Those leprechauns were nowhere to be found!!!

Science Fair

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Our annual 4th grade science fair on March 2nd was an amazing success.  The kids worked hard on their experiments and really paid attention to the steps to scientific process of Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Observations & Results, Conclusion, & Reflection.  Hopefully you were able to come and talk with our budding scientists!