Cape Cod Symphony-Young Peoples’ Concert

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Our 16th president-Abraham Lincoln

Today 4th grade students from all over Cape Cod were treated to a concert about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln by the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra.  As always, students from Mullen Hall were well behaved and polite young men and women.  We even got to hear “President Lincoln” deliver his famous Gettysburg Address while the orchestra played a musical interpretation of the speech.

I continue to be amzed at the quality of the musical talent we have here on Cape Cod.

4 Responses to “Cape Cod Symphony-Young Peoples’ Concert”

  1. Mahima Patel Says:

    That must have been so much fun! I saw the Gettysburg address engraved into the wall of the Lincoln Memorial!

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Hi mrs. dawson

  3. Isabelle Says:

    Hi Mrs. Dawson,

    I remember this! I miss you! I hope I see you around!

  4. Mahima Patel Says:

    I agree with everything Isabelle said!!

    I miss you too! :P

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