Halloween Parade, Monday, Octotber 31st

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Our annual Halloween Parade will take place on Monday morning at around 9:30.  We will walk in our costumes to the Town Hall and back.  Afterwards we will have a classroom scavenger hunt to review what we have learned so far.  We will also have a low key celebration in class with snacks.  Please let me know if you are interested in providing a snack or drink for the whole class.

I can’t wait to see how creative you all can be.  Please remember to be school appropriate when designing your costumes.

Cape Cod Symphony-Young Peoples’ Concert

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Our 16th president-Abraham Lincoln

Today 4th grade students from all over Cape Cod were treated to a concert about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln by the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra.  As always, students from Mullen Hall were well behaved and polite young men and women.  We even got to hear “President Lincoln” deliver his famous Gettysburg Address while the orchestra played a musical interpretation of the speech.

I continue to be amzed at the quality of the musical talent we have here on Cape Cod.

Staff Development Day & Columbus Day Holiday

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Just a quick reminder that school will be closed for our first staff development day on Friday, October 7th as well as on Monday, October 10th to celebrate Columbus Day.

More Math Fun

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I found another math site that has all sorts of wonderful games, videos with explanations of math concepts, and fact practice.  Looks like a great site to explore.


Test Your Math Knowledge!

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Today in math we played a fun game to test our knowledge of a variety of math terms.  Click on the link below to play.