Our Visit from Vern Laux

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Red-tailed Hawk

Thanks to grants written by Mrs. S. Dawson the entire 4th grade was able to spend time with Mr. Vern Laux from Nantucket.  He shared his expertise and love of birds as well as nature with us.  We started the morning out with a talk as well as a media show of some of his amazing pictures.

Afterwards each class took a nature walk around Shiverick’s Pond while we listened and watched for various birds, insects, flora, and fauna.  Our class was treated to many sites but I think our favorites were the adult and young Red-tailed hawks we saw.

When we returned to our classroom we listed our observations in our sketch pad.  I found a wonderful website that we used to enhance our observations with more details about its appearance, behavior, habitat, and even listen to its different sounds.


In art class, we will be learning how to sketch various birds so that we can sketch the birds we see throughout the year.

Click on the link below to visit the site.

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  1. Charlotte Says:

    Hey Mrs. Dawson i miss you so much!

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