April School Vacation, 4/16-4/24

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Just a reminder that school will be closed for April vacation and reopen on Monday, April 25th. I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation and comes back re-energized!

Just in case you want to know what I will be doing, I am headed to sunny southern California to Cardif by the Sea to visit with my sister and her family, my mom, and take in some of all that California has to offer!

Fantastic New Math Web Site

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Since I was home sick today I was playing on the computer and found this wonderful math web site.  I tried the tangram game and because I am so spatially challenged it took me forever to put together a simple 4 piece tangram.  I challenge you to see how you do!

Check it out on the blogroll under “Fantastic New Math Web Site”

Friday, April 15th-Annual Mullen Hall Egg Drop

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Friday, April 15th is our traditional Egg Drop for fourth graders at Mullen Hall.  Their job is to build a “transport” to safely get a raw egg from the window in our 3rd floor classroom to the ground floor without (GET THIS!) breaking the egg!  Come one, come all for what is sure to be “egg-citing”!

Heritage Museum Field Trip

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We were  fortunate to have a beautiful day for our field trip to Heritage.  We started our morning by meeting our guide Tobey who took us out to Hidden Hollow where the kids worked in four groups to sort rocks by their types (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary). They then got to go to all different outdoor stations where they made rock buddies, performed tests on different rocks & minerals, played instruments, dug for geodes, made hammocks and swings out of huge scarves in the trees among other things.  They were very reluctant to go when our time was up.  We then headed off to the auto museum where Amanda met us.  We reviewed the 6 types of simple machines-wheel & axle, inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, & levers.  We learned about Henry Ford, the Model T car, and the assembly line.  The kids timed how long it took them to put together 4 lego cars.  They couldn’t put together the next car until they had put one completely together.  They then formed an assembly line and timed how long it took to now put the 4 cars together.  Needless to say the results were considerably faster using the assembly line.  By then we were starving and had a wonderful picnic lunch followed by the much awaited ride on the carousel.  We were able to spend a little time admiring the carousel exhibit and the art museum.  What a great day!

We Have a Smartboard!

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Yes, you heard right-we have a Smartboard in Room 301!  Thanks to the Mullen Hall PTO and all of you who support the fund raising efforts we were able to get a Smartboard in our room.  I am not sure who is more excited-the kids or me!  This will allow me to teach curriculum with engaging and interactive lessons using the latest technology.  Stop in and check it out next time you are at Mullen Hall.

Our Current Read Aloud

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It was not easy to pick a new read aloud for the class after having read such wonderful stories so far.  Based on my son, Chris’s recommendation, I decided to read The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.  When Chris was in 3rd grade at East Falmouth Elementary his teacher read this book aloud and he remembers really loving this book.   I had not read it before and although some of the kids had seen the movie, no one had actually read this book.  So far the kids and I are finding the book exciting and full of rich and descriptive language.  The author has a way with words that make the characters and scenes come alive.

Field Trips Galore!

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It’s that time of year and the field trips are coming fast and furious!

Dates to be aware of include:

April 6th, Wednesday       Heritiage Plantation-Simple Machines

May 2nd, Monday             Otis Air Force Base-Hurricane Awareness

May 24th, Tuesday            Museum of Science-Boston

June 9th, Thursday           Woods Hole