Our Praise Chain for Personal Narratives

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Classroom Praise Chain

After much hard work brainstorming, revising, and editing we shared our personal narratives this week.  Everyone had the opportunity to sit in the rocking chair and read their story to the rest of the class.  After each student finished sharing their story the rest of the kids wrote a praise note.  Each praise note contained a specific compliment about what they liked about the writing piece.  When we were finished each student made a praise chain out of their notes.  When we put them all together end to end the chain reached about half way around the room.  Now that’s a lot of praise!  The kids did a fantastic job on their narratives.  I hope to have them start posting some of the completed pieces under the Writing Workshop page.  Stay tuned.

Praise Chain

Smart Moves in the Classroom

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Smart Moves in the Classroom

The Latest Read Aloud

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We just recently started our latest read aloud.  The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews is one of my personal favorites.  I absolutely love the richness of the language she uses as well as the infinitely descriptive manner in which she writes.  It is my hope that the kids enjoy hearing this book as much as I enjoy reading it to them!

Our New Classmate

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Last week we had a new classmate that we were not expecting.  Several of the kids were working on the rug while I was using the Ladibug document camera to teach a lesson when I heard and saw quite a commotion.  Scurrying across the rug was a rather large insect with a multitude of legs!  I proceeded to try to and finally succeeded in capturing our new classmate.  Some of us were able to look at it and others just couldn’t bring themselves to do so.  I tried to put it under the Ladibug but our new friend was just way too excited to stay still long enough for us to get a good look!  Anyway, I contained our visitor and planned on getting a better look so that we could identify it.  Sadly enough, the next morning our friend was no longer among the living but thanks to Peter’s mom and the internet our visitor’s identity was solved.  It was a common house centipede with 15 pairs of legs and normally quite elusive!  Apparently not the easiest insect to spot, we were lucky to have seen it.  More importantly, it is a good insect that rids us of peskier ones such as spiders, ants, and other such creatures!

Halloween Fun

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Halloween 2010