What would you bring?

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We are starting our new read aloud today.  The genre is science fiction and we will be reading about some people who have to leave Earth and go find a new place to live.  I asked the kids what luxury item they would bring if they had to leave Earth with their families.

Peter said “an Ipod”, Alyssa said “a big thick book”, Isabelle said ” a mini trampoline”, Matthew said “Maggie, my stuffed animal”, Roxie said “my brother’s Itouch”, Pearl said “a big blanket”, Charlotte said “a big pillow”, Sam said “a giant stuffed animal”, Sheldon said “a tool to survive”, Aidan said “my stuffed bear Freddie”, Mahima said “my big dog that is a stuffed animal”, Trevor said “a little mini motorcycle”, Celia Grace said “my boxed Harry Potter series”, Riley said “an Ipod Touch, Cody said “a mini TV”, Abby said “an Ipod touch”, and Aundria said “my moon necklace”.

What would you bring?????

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  1. Charlotte Says:

    I changed my name I’m going to bring a very large stuffed animal whos name is NUBS!!! :)

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Hi Mrs. Dawson!! This is Charlotte and I just ate a cupcake. It was good. My sister was making them for a bakesale. To RAISE MONEY FOR HER SCHOOL!!! Cupcakes are good!

  3. ruby Says:

    hey mrs. dawson. i didn’t have a chance to say what i would bring but if i did i would bring maby…. A WHOLE BOOK STORE!!! my own private one too.
    from ruby

  4. Charlotte Says:

    that book scared me. like about the earth dieing and stuff

  5. Roxie Says:

    Change mine I would take a IPad.


  6. Aundria Says:

    Really good book best book I’ve been read to!

  7. charlotte Says:

    I had nightmares after that book

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