The Crayon Box That Talked

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4th grade teachers dressed up as crayons for the Halloween parade on Friday.  Miss Tavares was blue, Miss T was yellow, and Mrs. K. Dawson was orange.  Mrs. S. Dawson and Mrs. Horton were not able to partake in the parade because they were at a training session.  After recess and lunch, we were treated to Mrs. Risko as our guest reader.  The entire 4th grade was able to hear Mrs. Risko read The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf.  This is a wonderful book about crayons in a crayon box who don’t seem to like each other.  The crayons come to realize that they don’t like each other because they don’t know one another and are concentrating on their differences.  After being brought together by a girl, they come to realize that even though they are unique they can get along together.  What a wonderful lesson for us to learn!

What would you bring?

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We are starting our new read aloud today.  The genre is science fiction and we will be reading about some people who have to leave Earth and go find a new place to live.  I asked the kids what luxury item they would bring if they had to leave Earth with their families.

Peter said “an Ipod”, Alyssa said “a big thick book”, Isabelle said ” a mini trampoline”, Matthew said “Maggie, my stuffed animal”, Roxie said “my brother’s Itouch”, Pearl said “a big blanket”, Charlotte said “a big pillow”, Sam said “a giant stuffed animal”, Sheldon said “a tool to survive”, Aidan said “my stuffed bear Freddie”, Mahima said “my big dog that is a stuffed animal”, Trevor said “a little mini motorcycle”, Celia Grace said “my boxed Harry Potter series”, Riley said “an Ipod Touch, Cody said “a mini TV”, Abby said “an Ipod touch”, and Aundria said “my moon necklace”.

What would you bring?????

A Special Message to You!

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No one can ask anymore of you if you do your personal best!

Young People’s Concert

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We were treated to a fabulous concert put on by the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra (CCSO) on Wednesday, October 6th at Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center.  Thanks to CCSO MusicWorks! Education Program Donors, a special grant from the Enoch T. Cobb Trust, and Mullen Hall PTO, all of our 4th grade students were able to enjoy this performance free of charge.  The Young People’s Concert theme was the numbers in music and Jung-Ho Pak was the conductor.  Did you know that music is not possible without a fundamental understanding of math and science?  We listened to Hoe-Down from Copeland’s Rodeo and were able to the beat expressed in fractions using quarter notes (four beats to one measure).  We also saw Dr. Ben Brabson and Conductor Jung-Ho Pak demonstrate the science of music and sound using the oscilloscope and decibel meter.  I think our applause made the decibel meter go the highest!

Charlotte and Mahima leaving the performance

Fractions in music

Fractions in music

Aidan enjoying the concert

Conductor Jung-Ho Pak in action

The science of sound in music