Update on Summer Vacation

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We spent a couple of days on the Island of Cuttyhunk.  It is the last island in the Elizabeth Islands.  You can see the lighthouse in the village of Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard from Cuttyhunk.

Check out my first video.

Now check out my second video.

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  1. me alexis Says:

    Mrs. dawson I saw your video of you going to cuttyhunk. About how long is the trip from woods hole to cuttyhunk? Why dont you use your estimation skill! I’ m actually typingv this from the phone cause my mom got a new Samsung Seek. Well, bye!

  2. Me,Taylor Says:

    Mrs. K Dawson my summer is going great but ikeep saying im really going to miss Mullen-hall but i know that my little brother Devin is going to have a blast and a lot of fun there he kepps saying im so excited to go to my sisters school i think he REALLY REALLY going to like Mullen-Hall :)

  3. Me,Taylor Says:

    ooooo i forgot there’s only 19 more days till my Dad and I are going to see Wrestling live I’M SO EXCITED :)

  4. Me,Taylor Says:

    Dear Mrs K Dawson was cuttyHunk fun how long was the trip? was the trip for only 1 day or more? How many kids are in your class next year? How is your summer my summer is going soooo good and my Birthday is in 2 months im going to be 11:)

  5. markus Says:

    hi its markus

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