Look What I Just Found!

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Dear 2009-2010 Fourth Grade Class,

I just found this video on the flip camera when I was posting videos from summer.  Even though Gingerbread Engineering is just a distant memory for you, I thought I would post it anyway.  Hope you are all having a great summer.


Mrs. Dawson

Click here to see how many SRBs the structure held!

2 Responses to “Look What I Just Found!”

  1. Me, Alexis Says:

    Hi Mrs. Dawson! I just woke up and I thought I might as well check out your blog. I’m loving my summer vacation, though I cry myself to sleep every night because I miss you and all of my classmates.You here that guys? I miss you guys so much its not even funny. I wish all of you were in my class in Morse Pond, but some wishes just dont come true. Of course we have to face some difficulties in fifth grade, right?Thats all the time I have right now so, BYE! MISS YOU ALL!!!!

  2. Me,Taylor Says:

    Alexis i miss you to and everyone else:) :) I to wish we were all in the same class at morse pond but we all can me friend anyway Hi mrs K Dawson my summer is going great

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