Look What I Just Found!

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Dear 2009-2010 Fourth Grade Class,

I just found this video on the flip camera when I was posting videos from summer.  Even though Gingerbread Engineering is just a distant memory for you, I thought I would post it anyway.  Hope you are all having a great summer.


Mrs. Dawson

Click here to see how many SRBs the structure held!

Update on Summer Vacation

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We spent a couple of days on the Island of Cuttyhunk.  It is the last island in the Elizabeth Islands.  You can see the lighthouse in the village of Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard from Cuttyhunk.

Check out my first video.

Now check out my second video.

My Summer Vacation

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Hi Everyone,

My first summer trip on my boat was to the island of Nantucket.  My family and I met up with our summer friends on their boats and also caught up with Mrs. Quidley and her family.  We had a great long weekend with beautiful weather.  I hope to take lots more videos of my summer on the boat so that you can see all the wonderful  places that I get to go to on my boat.  Check back for more videos and enjoy your summer!

Click here to check out my video