Today Was the Last Day of School!

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Today was our last day of school and that always brings mixed emotions for me. How about you? A big part of me is so sad to have you all leave me and the other part of me is so happy because you have grown so much and are ready to move on. I am looking forward to enjoying my summer by boating, gardening, reading, golfing, and spending time with my family and friends. I almost forgot to mention playing with Jules!  I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Please come back and visit as well as make comments on the blog. I will miss all of you a great deal!

To my new incoming 4th graders, welcome and it was nice to meet you. Rest up this summer, play a lot, practice your math facts, and of course, read! Check the blog throughout the summer because I WILL be updating it! See you in September.

No More Homework for the Rest of the Year

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There will not be any homework assigned for the rest of the school year.

Woods Hole Field Trip

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The kids did Mullen Hall School proud today. They were real troopers in the misty weather as they trudged through the village of Woods Hole. We started our morning out at Redfield Hall where we were treated to the variety of sounds that different whales make and listened to a talk about dolphins and whales. There were some great questions asked during the question and answer period. We then hoofed it down to the aquarium where we got to see the harbor seal show, look at different sea life, and touch creatures in the “touch tanks”. After a another short walk into town, we learned about the sea floor, the Alvin, saw pictures of a sword fish with its sword stuck in the Alvin, and even got to handle an actual swordfish sword! We finished off our tour after lunch by visiting the WHOI exhibit center, and playing at Taft’s Playground. What a day!

I have to say that I was so pleased to hear the connections kids made to animal adaptations, layers of the earth, area, scale, mapping, and landforms! Way to go guys!

Computer Free Time

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The kids earned computer free time for their last day in the computer lab today.  They needed to leave the lab just how they found it for 3 weeks.  I am happy to report that they earned all the possible minutes.  Way to go kids!  They made movies, took goofy pictures using PhotoBooth, used GarageBand, played school approved games, visited the blog, and a variety of other approved activities of their choice.  Needless to say, this was probably their favorite computer class.

SmartMoves-Day 2 Update

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I am happy to report that we are really liking SmartMoves. The kids report that they can concentrate better, that it calms them down, and that they like the challenge. They are begging me to go on to the next level to make it even more challenging. They are, however, complaining that it tires their arms out and that’s after only 3 minutes! Guess they better take advantage of all Cape Cod has to offer and get outside and play more large muscle motor games!

We will be trying this out with our kindergarten friends during Book Buddies time tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Class Pets

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We have been home to several tadpoles (at least two bullfrog and one salamander) for the past couple of weeks.  The kids named the bullfrog tadpoles Claude and Gangsta and the little one that turned out to be a salamander is named Biggie.  We are hoping to see them develop into frogs.  I am told that one of the tadpoles has begun to grow legs but have not yet had the time to check it out.   I have added a link to the life cycle of a salamander-please check it out.

Dawson’s Drama

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Our class took advantage of the warmer weather and our Science Playground today by performing a readers’ theater outside. The audience seating gave us a great place to view the play and the intermediate compass rose on the raised stage was instrumental in helping us to follow stage directions in the play The King in the Kitchen. Vivid imaginations changed the playground boat into a dungeon for the peasant who angered the King but eventually wins a contest and thus marries the Princess! There was no shortage of dramatic acting and zero stage fright in our class!


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I just got a new DVD to try out in the classroom.  We will be trying our first day of SmartMoves.  SmartMoves is a variety of body puzzles that combines music and movement to improve attention, enhance memory, and reduce stress.  I will keep you posted!