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The Hunger Games Challenge review


Hello Tributes!

Thank you for participating in our Second Annual Hunger Games Challenge! We appreciated your enthusiastic comments at the conclusion of the event held today in our library. Many of you had suggestions for future book club events, and I wish that I had had the time to write them down. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below: your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Ms. Blair for her numerous contributions and for helping to make this event a success….I couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks to Mr. Kalagher and Ms. Woodward for helping out with the scorekeeping.

1. What was your favorite challenge? (Computer game, Archery, Cornucopia/Story, Trivia)

2. What could we do to improve this event if we held it again?

3. Would you be interested in participating in future book club events? Are you willing to come after school to do so?

4. What book or series do you think we should feature at a future book club event?

5. Any other comments or suggestions?

Thanks again…and may the odds be ever in your favor!

The Hunger Games Challenge


On Friday, February 17, the Lawrence School Library will be hosting a Hunger Games Challenge to celebrate the popular series written by Suzanne Collins. Over 50 students signed up for the “reaping“, or the opportunity to represent their “districts” (teams) in a friendly competition to showcase their knowledge of the books. Effie Trinket came all the way from the Capital of Panem to attend our  reaping ceremony, in which 18 “tributes” (students) were chosen to compete.

The first activity will be The Tribute Trials, an online question and answer game designed to test your likelihood of survival. Click on the following link to begin:

The Tribute Trials 

ASHFALL by Mike Mullin



You can read the first two chapters of this book online! Click on the title :   ASHFALL

Hunger Games book club event


This week the Lawrence School library hosted a book club event to celebrate the popular science fiction trilogy, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins.  Ms. Botelho and Ms. Blair modeled the  after the survival games that were featured in the novels.

Students participated in three competitive activities in which scores were kept. The first event was the Tribute Trials,  an online game ( similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure series where students (tributes) were asked eight questions related to survival. The second activity was The Cornucopia Challenge, in which various items necessary for survival were placed in the hallway. Students were divided into three groups (districts) and formed a relay team, with the object being to race to the pile to select one item at a time to help them survive.  Theme-related snacks (dried fruit, peanuts, trail mix, beef jerky, and cupcakes from Peeta Mellark’s bakery!) were eaten while Ms. Botelho read from a short script. When an item was mentioned,  students held up them up to score points. The final event was a trivia game on the Smartboard. Students and staff members used the clickers to answer the multiple-choice questions culled from the novels. The scores from the three events were totalled, and the top three winners earned prizes (Hunger Games t-shirts from Hot Topic and a snugli backpack).

Special thanks to Ms. Diotte, FHS school librarian, for  joining  us, along with  Ms. Dietlin and Ms. Johnson.

Please contact me with any book title suggestions for our next event!

Hunger Games discussion questions:


 Please click on “Comment” below to join us in the discussion of this book.

1.  What do you think is the cruelest part of the Hunger Games? What kind of people would devise this spectacle for the entertainment of others?

2.  Why does Peeta join with the Career Tributes in the beginning of the Games? What does he hope to gain? Why do they accept him when they start hunting as a group? Why do groups form in the beginning when they know only one of them will be able to survive?

3. What makes Katniss and Rue trust each other to become partners? What does Katniss gain from this friendship besides companionship? Is Katniss and Rue’s partnership formed for different reasons than the other groups?

New Stephenie Meyer book comes out on June 4


Eight Cousins and The Falmouth Public Library are collaborating on an evening of fun to celebrate the release of the latest book by Stepehnie Meyer, The Short Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella.

The party begins at 7:00pm on Friday, June 4 at the public library and then moves to Eight Cousins Bookstore at 9:30pm. They will be showing the movie New Moon, serving pizza, having trivia contests, and having a COSTUME CONTEST! You can also purchase the new book and get it at midnight if you stay that long!

For more information, see me in the library, or check out the Eight Cousins web site :

This sounds like fun!

Julia Jones plays Leah Clearwater in Eclipse


Actress Julia Jones,  featured on the cover of the “g” section of the Boston Globe (January 29, 2010), has ties to Cape Cod. She grew up in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston, summered on the Cape, and attended Boston Latin School.

The actress, who has Native American roots, was involved in theater and dance as a child. In the article she talks about how strenuous it was to play the role of Leah Clearwater in the third movie of  “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse“,  due to come out on June 30.

Click on the following link  Julia Jones plays Leah Clearwater  to read the entire article:

Twilight: the Graphic Novel


There is an exclusive first look of Stephenie Meyer’s new graphic novel in the current issue  of the magazine Entertainment Weekly (1/29/10), which can be found in the Lawrence School Library. The article features a brief interview with the author and 10 pages of the graphic adaptation of  Twilight: The Graphic Novel .  The 224-page book, based more upon the original novel than the movie, is due out on March 16.

So what do you Twihards think about this? Would you go out and buy this new graphic version for $19.99 and read it or do you think that you have reread the first book and seen the movie so many times by now that you could recite the lines in your sleep?

To read more about the graphic novel, click on the Publishers Weekly link below:

New Moon Book Club 11/12/09



Over 35 students and staff showed up for the New Moon Book Club held on Thursday in the Library Media Center. Participants were surprised to see both Edward and Jacob standing by the table which held Bella’s bright pink birthday cake and presents wrapped in silver paper (as described in the book). Pink and white balloons were strewn around the room, adding to the festive atmosphere. Refreshments also included Skybar candy wrapped in images of the Twilight characters, and mini blueberry muffins baked by Monique for the occasion. Special guests attending were Ms. Diotte, the new Library Teacher from FHS, along with three freshman who came back for this event.

After cake and time to socialize, participants were asked to choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob by standing by our guests. Some chose to be neutral, and sat on the floor between the two groups. Let the photos show that Team Jacob had more members!

A  trivia contest followed:  Mrs. Botelho had created  60 questions after rereading the book, which Ms. Santos used to create an interactive game on the Smartboard in which the contestants used clickers (handheld remotes) to answer the multiple choice questions. Winners received t-shirts, posters, and magnets. Many students had brought their New Moon books and were prepared to discuss it, but we ran out of time! One suggestion was to meet after the movie comes out to compare and contrast the book with the movie.

The final door prize was the New Moon CD.

Click below to see more photos from the event:,m1a4bf,default,1&m1a4bfalbumid=81&m1a4bfreturnid=305&page=305

Forks vs. Falmouth?


A student told me that she and her sister have come up with a list of things that Falmouth, MA  has in common with Forks, WA. Can  you name a few?

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