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Hunger Games book club event


This week the Lawrence School library hosted a book club event to celebrate the popular science fiction trilogy, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins.  Ms. Botelho and Ms. Blair modeled the  after the survival games that were featured in the novels.

Students participated in three competitive activities in which scores were kept. The first event was the Tribute Trials,  an online game ( similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure series where students (tributes) were asked eight questions related to survival. The second activity was The Cornucopia Challenge, in which various items necessary for survival were placed in the hallway. Students were divided into three groups (districts) and formed a relay team, with the object being to race to the pile to select one item at a time to help them survive.  Theme-related snacks (dried fruit, peanuts, trail mix, beef jerky, and cupcakes from Peeta Mellark’s bakery!) were eaten while Ms. Botelho read from a short script. When an item was mentioned,  students held up them up to score points. The final event was a trivia game on the Smartboard. Students and staff members used the clickers to answer the multiple-choice questions culled from the novels. The scores from the three events were totalled, and the top three winners earned prizes (Hunger Games t-shirts from Hot Topic and a snugli backpack).

Special thanks to Ms. Diotte, FHS school librarian, for  joining  us, along with  Ms. Dietlin and Ms. Johnson.

Please contact me with any book title suggestions for our next event!

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