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Wheeee! Factor Samurai!

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Today, we used the Factor Samurai app in class. Since we had more kids than devices, we shared. While some students were “working” with the Factor Samurai app (which is free!), the other students began a prime number maze. After about ten minutes, we switched. So, every student had a chance to work with the iPads and iPods.

My hope is to do more of this kind of activity. It’s a more engaging way for students to practice their skills.

As long as students are responsible about the devices, especially if it doesn’t belong to them, we should be able to do this from time to time.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.



Cool Apps for Math

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I would like to encourage students and parents to check out the cool math apps that are available for the iPad and iPod Touch. Most of the apps that I have downloaded are free. I think the most I have spent on any of these apps is $1.99.

In class, I am trying to show apps that are related to the concepts that we are currently working on in class. I will also try to list these on my blog.

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