How You Can Help Your Child Succeed

1. Be sure your child is at school on time every day.

2. Talk with and listen to your child. Ask questions that demand long answers instead of yes-or-no questions.

“ Tell me the best part of your day.”

“Tell me what maybe, kinda, sorta could’ve gone a little bit better .”

“What did you do in math (reading, science…)?”

3. Read to or with your child for at least 15-20 minutes every day.

4. Provide a quiet time and place, and the necessary materials (pencil, eraser, crayons…) to do homework.

5. Check homework and be available for questions.

6. Make sure your child gets enough sleep and adequate nutrition.

7. Check for your child’s homework folder every day. Take out any papers that have been corrected, or news from school. Sign their homework sheet and make sure their folder is ready for the next school day.

8. Stay in contact with the teacher.

9. Teach and reinforce good manners.