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Part of a Whole Big Thing

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

We have started learning about fractions. Here are two resources to help you out. Warning: the first one might make you hungry!
Who Wants Pizza?
The second one is your chance to practice. NLVM: just scroll down to find “Fraction Naming” and see if you can tell what the fractions are.

Lucky Us…

Friday, March 16th, 2012

We get the chance to review our learning a couple of times throughout the year. This helps us understand what we are doing well in and what we still need to work on, in relation to the second grade standards. The students have once again completed their own version of progress reports as well. This provides a perspective for viewing their own thoughts on their learning progress.

Please review the progress reports together as a family. Look at the areas where your child has already met or exceeded the second grade standards (a 3 or 4 grade), and encourage them to keep challenging themselves. Also look carefully at areas that your child is still working on (a 1 or 2 grade). Discuss with them what they could do to help them meet the standard by the end of the year.

The grades in the social skills and work habits section of the report card are extremely important clues as to how your child functions as a student in school. These are skills that will help them succeed throughout all areas of life, so please pay special attention to this area.

So lucky us, we get to learn together and grow together. It’s a process, and it’s making us all better people!