Fabulous First Day

Oh boy, last night I was soooo nervous! Yes, even the teacher gets nervous about the first day of school. I didn’t sleep very well (and not just because my one year old was keeping me up). I was up worrying about last minute getting-ready things and wondering about what our class might be like.

The first day was pretty fun though! We shared all the things we were wondering about, and some of our “wonders” were even answered during the day.  Now we have the next 179 days to figure out the other answers. Speaking of wondering, here’s a link to a fun website that explores a different wonder each day: wonderopolis. There is another link to this site under blogroll on the sidebar.

We’ll be spending the next several weeks working on classroom and school routines. These routines, along with basic manners, will make our school days run smoothly and calmly.

Welcome to second grade!

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