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A Short Week Gets Even Shorter

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I was expecting four days of school this week and four days of school next week, but as you know, this week’s four days turned into three. Fortunately I have a hard-working bunch of kiddos and we were able to accomplish what we needed to accomplish with one less day.

In the computer lab today the students prepared a table of our class birthdays that they will be using in math next week. It was an impressive amount of skills to go through in one lesson: Opening a MS Word document, typing (including capitals when needed), centering text, underlining text, inserting a table, using “tab” when in a table, naming and spelling the months, saving to their own folder…) I’m proud to say that they’re all little computer geniuses!

When we come back on Tuesday we will start the day with Fire Safety. The students should wear comfortable clothes so they’ll be able to practice ┬áSTOP, DROP, and ROLL.

Partial Sums Addition

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This week we reviewed a method for adding larger numbers called Partial Sums Addition.

This is a method focuses on place value and taking things in pieces. For an explanation on how to do it, please see this video from Everyday Math: