Progress Reports, Moving On, and the Vernal Equinox

I hope you will use your progress report as a time to celebrate your accomplishments and set new goals. Can you believe we are 2/3 done with second grade already? So much to learn in our final 1/3 of the year… (Don’t you love how I can squeeze fractions in everywhere?)

Moving on…
I have noticed a lack of attention to many of the high frequency words we learned to spell last year. OBVIOUSLY you should be paying careful attention to your spelling WHENEVER you write, not just for the spelling test! (Some of us seem to forget this…)
Our spelling this week focuses on fifteen of these high frequency words that I have noticed have been mutilated a lot lately. It is not only important to learn how to spell these words, but also to learn when and how they are to be used, and to use them to help you spell any related words.

For example:
One of the words is “their”, as in I went over to their house on Sunday. It’s the kind that shows ownership.

Another of the words is “could”. If you know this word, you also know would and should. They’re all in the Oh U Lazy Dog (ould) family, right?

Finally, be careful with the contractions. The apostrophe goes where the letter or letters “fell out” when the two words got smooshed together.
Do not -> Don’t (the o fell out).

This week’s list is, of course, on Spelling City. I put it right at the top of all my lists this time so it would be easy to find. Or you could just click on the link right here and it should bring you right to that list.

Last, but not least, Happy Vernal Equinox! If you’d like to explore the science of this special time further, you can try these activities at Scholastic. (Click the word to open the link.)

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