Writing Nook

Haiku Poems Created by the students of Room 202

(Haiku poems have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the last line.)

Done Well by Daniel

“Nicely done!”, she says.

When I get big, round stickers

I am very glad.

So Big! by: David

The picture is small.

The art is made. It looks so

BIG with its designs.

Snowball Fight by: Jaydon

Snowball fight I win!

I go inside and play games.

I have hot cocoa.

Recess by: Max

We run and we run.

We file out fast, one by one.

We’re all done. I won!

Rabbit by: Ethan

Rabbit steps in the

snow. Then a fork in the road.

Then the rabbit has carrots.

Cancelled by: Brian

My school is cancelled!

Yay! My school is cancelled! Yay!

I can play X-Box all day!

Icicles by: Matt

Chop, chop, chop! I grab

all of the icicles on.

Then I have a fight!

Tracks! by: James

Following weird, small

tracks. I think rodents, maybe.

See a cat on gate!

Whales by: Ani

Whales splash in water.

They go very fast, fast, fast.

Whales are animals.

Floating by: Miranda

You float through oceans

in waves as big as buildings,

seaweed at your side.

Beaches by: Will

I always find shells

at the warm, sandy beaches.

Sometimes I find crabs.

Sledding by: Lawrence

I go sledding down

a hill and aimed bad so, I

slid into water.

Snowball Fight by: Sydney

Ow! Ya! Snowball fight!

I am going to win the game.

I lost the game! Man!

My Friend by: Sierra

My friend the gift. I,

said hello to me one day.

My friend the gift, I.

Whales by: Alyssa

Whales live in the sea.

Whales go splash, splash, splash, yik, yak.

Whales are animals.

I Have a Teddy Bear by Dominic

I have a brown teddy bear.

I would throw it in the air but it doesn’t have wings.

I kick it but it’s not a big bouncy ball.

Doctor Seuss by Rohan

Doctor Seuss in a

Moose Train caboose

With a

Funny with Doctor Seuss.

The Pudding by Emily

There lived a monkey in the jungle, who made chocolate-bars

He called them Hershey’s

He sent them faraway to a store

Then people bought the Hershey-bars

But when one of the costumers bought a Hershey-bar

They put it in the microwave when they got home

Then the Hershey-bar exploded into a kind of liquid

Then they called it pudding

And the person became famous for until they invented bread pudding

The Chicken’s Dictionary by Anna

The chicken bought a dictionary

In 1672 the chicken bought it in a mall

Only for one reason, to learn its first word

The chicken could not learn a word

And chickens still can’t today

Science Journal by Celia Grace

Science journal how I love you,

Even though you smell like a dirty shoe,

Even though you’re black and white you’re very colorful,

Science journal you’re so fun,

You have lots of lines inside,

Lots of writing too,

Science journal you’re cool and fun,

You have a multiplication table on your back, even though I don’t know why,

Your also very professional looking says I,

Science journal you’re so cool and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Zig-Zaging Zaria Zebra by Mahima

The Zig-Zaging Zaria Zebra

Doesn’t give you peace,

Who’s the one that doesn’t?

You teabra, it’s the Zig-Zaging

Zaria Zebra.

Trees by Grace

Trees are the best just don’t use up the rest

They can be short they can be long, but soon trees will be gone

Trees get bare in the winter…

But they’re still there

And I still care

I love trees and I hope they love me!!!

The Blobbololoon By Maddy

A Blobbololoon is chasing me

It’s hot upon my trail

That blobbololoon is crazy

It won’t leave me alone!

I wish he would leave me alone

But he just won’t stop chasing me!

I guess I’ll have to

Live like this for the rest of my life!

So I’ll have to get use to it!

My Dog by Samantha

I lost my dog in the fog. I think I lost my dog in the fog when I was 5. I cried and cried so much when I lost my pup in the fog.

Big Foot by Aidan W.

Big Foot uses an umbrella

His sister’s name is Ella

She is very mellow

Her hair is Yellow

Like jell-o

He likes Kelly

She has a big belly

My Monster by Richard

I have a blue monster.

He has black dots,

horns that are big

Oh, and wings that are huge!

He goes underground

Don’t give him light…

or he dies.

Every night he scares the heck out of people.

Now you know I have a 12 foot monster!

Tiger! by Aidan L.



White and


Green eyes



White and


Blue eyes

Growl! ~ Tiger!


White and


Yellow eyes.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!

Lepro-Face by Elizabeth







Otherwise, he is


(He’s on your shoe right now, so be careful!)

When My Sister Sings By Duke

When my sister sings

it sounds like “la la la”

When I say stop

she says, “Blah, blah, blah!”

Ireland by Emma

Green and pretty

Ponies and sheep

The most beautiful place

I’ve ever seen

Patches of brown

Patches of green

Your mouth will fly open

from what you’ve just seen.


Lines by Anonymous

Lines can be zigzags

Lines can be straight

Lines can be anything

Even a shape!


You may say it’s

just a sneeze.

I say it goes

down to my knees.

You might say that it’s a fake

but I say it’s wide awake.

Venus Fly Trap by Madyson

A Venus Fly Trap

is flying in the sky.

I am not sure why it is

because the fly

cannot fly!

Pig by Richard

I got a flying pig

but my parents don’t know.

I hid him under my bed

but he makes too much noise

and I say that it is just my toys.

The Moon Walk by Maya

I can do the moon walk

any place I go.

The best place I can do it is

on the moon so very long ago.

People say I can and

people say I can’t.

But I always remind myself,

“Maya you can, you can!”

Pink Pigs by Emma

Oink, Oink,

Here we go

Dancing pinkets

Come on let’s go

Pink Pigs

I Wonder By Charlie

I wonder if

a chicken could fly

it would fly like a bullet

zip through the sky

Have you ever

heard such a thing?

Annoying Sister by Duke

My annoying sister

blames everything on me.

When I swoop or swap

or watch T.V.

She spies on me

when I play Wii

to see how I log in

but I say, “I see you”

and she has a grin.