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Cotuit Art Center Written by: Julie

Our most recent field trip was to the Cotuit Art Center. We had a blast! First, we got a tour of the Art Center. We talked about most of the paintings and sculptures. Then we went to the workshop. We had to run because it was raining. We made an art chain. We each made different cut-outs from construction paper and we chained them together. It was awesome! Then, we ran back to the Art Center and they gave us a scavenger hunt to do! It had all sorts of questions on it. It was very fun! We didn’t get to all the questions, but it was still fun. We went back to sit down and they asked us what we had answered. It was so much fun!

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Computer Time By: Julie

At least twice a week, everybody gets computer time during the Wave. We are timed by a wooden-brown, blue-sanded hour glass. It gives us 15 minutes. Two people go at a time because we have two computers. (It is our job to know if it is our turn or not.) Once we both sit down and turn the computer on (if it’s not on), one of us turns the hour glass over to start playing. During our time, if the hour glass is almost empty, we are not allowed to turn it back over so we get more time. If we do that, we get in big trouble**. Some of the games we play are: the blog games, Kid Pix, FreeRice and Starfall. We have loads of fun!

Written by: Julie B.

**Editorial Comment by Ms. Sawyer: Big Trouble = You lose your next scheduled turn. :)

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Massachusetts Regions Written by: Julie

In class we are making posters to learn about five different regions in Massachusetts: Cape Cod, the North and South Shores, Central Massachusetts, the Pioneer Valley and the “Purple Hills”. Each group has at least three people in it. Using our Massachusetts, Our Home textbook, we have to write information on the bodies of water, animals, plants and any other information we can find. We also have to include plenty of color and pictures on our posters. On the posters we also have the names of the people in our group and the region we are studying and writing about.

Article by: Julie

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Halloween Parade Written by: Alyssa

On Friday the 29th of October, we will be having a Halloween parade with the whole school. It will be on Main Street. Parents are invited. Bring a change of clothes for after the parade. Wear sneakers. The Halloween parade is at least 30 minutes. It’s from 9:30 until 10:00. Don’t forget your Halloween Costume!

Article by: Alyssa

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