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The Resolutions of Room 202

To view our resolutions for 2011, go to the WallWisher link under our BlogRoll (on the right hand side of our page).

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Math Fact Fluency

We have a new program at Mullen-Hall designed to help with math fact fluency. This week in the computer lab, the children designed their own avatars and started with some review of the basic addition facts. To practice from home – visit

Log in – using your username, password and site code (if you don’t know these, send me an email and I’ll give it to you!)

Choose Ms. Sawyer if you have a choice.

In the oval at the top of the page, there is always your next suggested activity.  Please do that activity every time.  The computer will record your results, and will figure out the next thing you need to do to strengthen your skills!

When answering your math questions, use the number keypad if you have one (on the right hand side of the keyboard).  Your first three right fingers go on the 4, 5 and 6, and your thumb goes on the zero.  Once you get used to typing the numbers using this method, you won’t have to look when you answer a question….

Happy Practicing!!

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The Cookie Walk

A great time was had by all during our “Cookie Walk!” Thank you to all of our families! We could not have done it without you! Happy New Year!

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Secret Snowflakes

In anticipation of the holidays, we are going to have “Secret Snowflakes” in our classroom. This means that you will choose a name on Friday, December 17th, and you will be that person’s “Secret Snowflake” for the following week. Try hard to keep it a secret so as not to spoil the fun! You will create four gifts for the person that you pick. You will create the gifts for homework.

Friday night you will draw a picture for your person. The drawing may be about the holidays or be a drawing of your person. It could be something you think they like or anything else you would like to draw. You may draw it with crayons, colored pencils or markers. YOU MUST have your Secret Snowflake’s name somewhere on the drawing but DO NOT put your name on it. On the back of the drawing, please write (or have someone else write so as not to give yourself away) a clue about yourself. The clue should be a hint about who you are but it should not give it away completely! You may tell them about your hair or eye color, your favorite book or something you like to do. Be creative!

Monday night you will write a PraiseNote for your person. Think about something kind and/or helpful that you have seen your person do at school. We will talk about this in class. PraiseNote slips will be provided. On the back, please write (or have someone else write) a second clue about you.

Tuesday night you will create/write an acrostic poem using the name of your Secret Snowflake. We will go over how to do this in class and I will provide special stationary for you to use. On the back, please write (or have someone else write) a third clue about you.

Wednesday night you will make a snowflake for the person you chose as your Secret Snowflake. We will review how to make them in class this week. Please paste it on the colored construction paper and write a “Happy Holiday” note on the back of it. Be sure to write the person’s name on it and write (or have someone else write) a final clue about yourself. We will be guessing/revealing Secret Snowflakes on Thursday! Have fun! Be creative! Happy Holidays

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Good News to Share!

I wanted to share a wonderful accomplishment that the children have achieved together. They have earned 100 goody stones! They earn goody stones as a team not as individuals. They have to work together, cooperate, collaborate and behave well as a group. They earn goody stones in a variety of situations including excellent audience behavior at an assembly, quiet lines in the hallway, compliments from other teachers and their work together in art, music, gym and library. The children voted to “bank” these goody stone points and earn 50 more. When they achieve 150 goody stones, they will trade them in for a movie (rated G) and a snack. Congratulations Team 202!

Also, traditionally, on the day before holiday break, my class and I have enjoyed a COOKIE WALK! We would decorate the bags at school and then your child would bring his/her bag home a few days before the Cookie Walk to be filled with cookies (nut free please) for our cookie walk on Thursday, 12/23. During the cookie walk, each child has the opportunity to “win” a dozen cookies brought in by a classmate. It is a fun way to share and play together before we head off on vacation.

However, this activity is dependent on parent participation and support. Please indicate below if you would be able/willing to bake and send in a dozen cookies with your child. Please fill out and return the slip provided by Wednesday, 12/8 to indicate your willingness. I will let you know the result by Friday, 12/10.

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“American Education Week” & Other Excellent Happenings!

This is going to be a busy week for us here in Room 202! Let me share some of what we will be doing in addition to our academics:

1. We are going to be celebrating “American Education Week” along with countless other schools all around our great nation! We will be doing this in an amazing way! Tune in and watch our…


This Thursday afternoon (11/18), the 3rd Grade will be broadcasting LIVE for National Education Week.


at about 1:30ish.  This is the first time we have tried this so PLEASE be patient with us–one hundred third graders, one webcam, some required advertisements, the nature of technology, and five nervous teachers – it could be a bumpy ride.  Hang in there with us and I am sure it will be worth it!

2. We will be helping to sort Mullen-Hall Food Drive donations for the Falmouth Service Center. If possible, please send in your non-perishable donations (canned veggies, stuffing mixes, etc.) to help out this worthy cause!

3. On Friday afternoon we will have the privilege of meeting and listening to Olympian, Meb Keflezighi, speak about his 2004 silver medal, 2009 NYC marathon victory, his move from Africa to the U.S. and about his work as an author. You can visit Meb’s website at:

Also, Next Tuesday (11/23) is CRANBERRY DAY!!!  I am welcoming donations of bags of Cranberries and Craisins. Thank you for your support!

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Halloween Parade Written by: Alyssa

On Friday the 29th of October, we will be having a Halloween parade with the whole school. It will be on Main Street. Parents are invited. Bring a change of clothes for after the parade. Wear sneakers. The Halloween parade is at least 30 minutes. It’s from 9:30 until 10:00. Don’t forget your Halloween Costume!

Article by: Alyssa

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Art IS Alive in Room 202!

Today the students enjoyed their first Art’s Alive lesson! Mr. Quidley treated them to an up-close and personal viewing of a beautiful painting done by Mr. Stephen Hannock. Mr. Quidley taught the children that Mr. Hannock is famous for his landscapes which often include stories about his family, friends or daily life. He creates his work by applying numerous layers of paint and then polishing it with sandpaper to create a special luminosity. Mr. Quidley also taught the children that Stephen Hannock uses symmetry in his artwork and showed the children how they could include it in their own masterpieces. A great time was had by all! Thanks very much, Mr. Quidley!

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The beautiful faces of Team 202

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“International Dot Day”!!

Today, along with classrooms all around the world, our class celebrated “International Dot Day”! Inspired by the amazing book, The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds, the children spent some time today getting creative and making their own dots with watercolors.

The message of The Dot, “Make a mark and see where it takes you”, is an important message for children (and adults!) to embrace, especially those who worry about their art work and academic work being “just right”.

Also, earlier this week, we launched our first “official” Writer’s Workshop with Peter H. Reynolds’ book, Ish. I shared this book with the children to illustrate to them that creativity and a love of what they are creating are more important than it (the writing or drawing) being perfect. Already they have wonderful pages filled with “ish” writing and “ish” drawings!

These 2 books are well worth an extra trip to the library so you can share them together!

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