Countdown to Summer!!

This adorable calendar, created and shared by Mrs. Brooks, is a visual reminder of how fast, busy and fun the remainder of our year will be! The learning has not stopped in Room 202, though! Each member of the class is up to his/her elbows in research in anticipation of our Living Wax Museum on June 8th! Homework time this week should be centered on speeches (1st paragraph due Wednesday) and toward the end of the week information will be sent home on the timeline for gathering props and finishing speeches. Interested students can also be working on the extra credit portions of his/her Wax Museum project. Details regarding the extra credit were sent home in the Wax Museum information packet and are posted on the “Projects” page of our classroom blog.

The students are also busy demonstrating their automaticity of multiplication facts. They have been incredibly motivated and all have made great gains! We will be wrapping up Chapter 9 (multiplication and division) in Everyday Math and moving on to Chapter 10 which focuses on measurement and data. This chapter will include a very unique (in-school) project that will surely pique the kids’ interest and have them talking at home!

In Reading/English Language Arts, we will be finishing up our Reading Street work, spending some time with chapter books, working on fiction writing and publishing the student’s final personal narratives in a new & special way. Check out next week’s newsletter for our end of the year wrap up information in Science and Social Studies!

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