Company in the Classroom!

We have been extremely lucky to welcome some special guests into our classroom to enhance our learning!

Falmouth Historical Society: Volunteer docents from the Falmouth Historical Society, in costumes reflecting style of Colonial times, came in and talked to the children about the clothing worn by colonists. They also taught the children about the materials that were used in Colonial times to make various kinds of cloth. The class learned about wool and had the opportunity to “card” the wool and then twist it into yarn. They learned about the numerous steps that are required to make flax into linen and the uses of “tow”. The children were then invited to share their thoughts and opinions on whether they would like to live in Colonial times or not. Ask your child about it!

Falmouth High School Ecology Club: The Ecology Club spoke to our class last week. Each high-school student taught our third graders about different species of endangered “Big Cats.” The students were asked to identify the cats visually by choosing the appropriate picture and by picking the stuffed animal version of the species that were just discussed. The club members discussed each cat’s role in the food chain (eating the cows and goats of farmers) and why this is a critical part of the problem that is causing them to become endangered (frustrated farmers kill the “Big Cats”). The club members helped the children to understand ways that farmers can protect livestock without killing the lions, tigers, leopards, etc. Some of the solutions include building barns, getting guard dogs and using guard llamas! The students then created “Big Cat” pencil toppers to help remind them of the lessons of the day.

Cross-Age Science Teaching (CAST): Teams of eighth grade students came over three times during the months of April and May to teach our class about electricity. Each eighth grader was assigned a group of third graders to work with over the course of the three visits. They worked amazingly well together! The third graders learned about safety in regards to electricity as well as circuits, conductors and insulators and much more. They built motors to spin colorful paper discs, used batteries to light a light bulb, tested everyday objects to determine if each was a conductor or an insulator and created their own circuit board that would light up when a question was answered correctly. The third graders were attentive, enthusiastic and thrilled with their creations! It was definitely a “win-win” situation for all involved!

Just a reminder…we are still looking for volunteer drivers to both Aptuxcet (June 3) and the Cape Cod Canal (June 16). Currently we have enough drivers/seatbelts for 13 students for the June 3rd trip and 8 students for the June 16 trip. If you are able to drive, please send back the form that was sent home last week. Thanks very much!!

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