Math Fact Fluency

We have a new program at Mullen-Hall designed to help with math fact fluency. This week in the computer lab, the children designed their own avatars and started with some review of the basic addition facts. To practice from home – visit

Log in – using your username, password and site code (if you don’t know these, send me an email and I’ll give it to you!)

Choose Ms. Sawyer if you have a choice.

In the oval at the top of the page, there is always your next suggested activity.  Please do that activity every time.  The computer will record your results, and will figure out the next thing you need to do to strengthen your skills!

When answering your math questions, use the number keypad if you have one (on the right hand side of the keyboard).  Your first three right fingers go on the 4, 5 and 6, and your thumb goes on the zero.  Once you get used to typing the numbers using this method, you won’t have to look when you answer a question….

Happy Practicing!!

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