Secret Snowflakes

In anticipation of the holidays, we are going to have “Secret Snowflakes” in our classroom. This means that you will choose a name on Friday, December 17th, and you will be that person’s “Secret Snowflake” for the following week. Try hard to keep it a secret so as not to spoil the fun! You will create four gifts for the person that you pick. You will create the gifts for homework.

Friday night you will draw a picture for your person. The drawing may be about the holidays or be a drawing of your person. It could be something you think they like or anything else you would like to draw. You may draw it with crayons, colored pencils or markers. YOU MUST have your Secret Snowflake’s name somewhere on the drawing but DO NOT put your name on it. On the back of the drawing, please write (or have someone else write so as not to give yourself away) a clue about yourself. The clue should be a hint about who you are but it should not give it away completely! You may tell them about your hair or eye color, your favorite book or something you like to do. Be creative!

Monday night you will write a PraiseNote for your person. Think about something kind and/or helpful that you have seen your person do at school. We will talk about this in class. PraiseNote slips will be provided. On the back, please write (or have someone else write) a second clue about you.

Tuesday night you will create/write an acrostic poem using the name of your Secret Snowflake. We will go over how to do this in class and I will provide special stationary for you to use. On the back, please write (or have someone else write) a third clue about you.

Wednesday night you will make a snowflake for the person you chose as your Secret Snowflake. We will review how to make them in class this week. Please paste it on the colored construction paper and write a “Happy Holiday” note on the back of it. Be sure to write the person’s name on it and write (or have someone else write) a final clue about yourself. We will be guessing/revealing Secret Snowflakes on Thursday! Have fun! Be creative! Happy Holidays

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