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Good News to Share!

I wanted to share a wonderful accomplishment that the children have achieved together. They have earned 100 goody stones! They earn goody stones as a team not as individuals. They have to work together, cooperate, collaborate and behave well as a group. They earn goody stones in a variety of situations including excellent audience behavior at an assembly, quiet lines in the hallway, compliments from other teachers and their work together in art, music, gym and library. The children voted to “bank” these goody stone points and earn 50 more. When they achieve 150 goody stones, they will trade them in for a movie (rated G) and a snack. Congratulations Team 202!

Also, traditionally, on the day before holiday break, my class and I have enjoyed a COOKIE WALK! We would decorate the bags at school and then your child would bring his/her bag home a few days before the Cookie Walk to be filled with cookies (nut free please) for our cookie walk on Thursday, 12/23. During the cookie walk, each child has the opportunity to “win” a dozen cookies brought in by a classmate. It is a fun way to share and play together before we head off on vacation.

However, this activity is dependent on parent participation and support. Please indicate below if you would be able/willing to bake and send in a dozen cookies with your child. Please fill out and return the slip provided by Wednesday, 12/8 to indicate your willingness. I will let you know the result by Friday, 12/10.

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