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We are PeaceBuilders!

It was wonderful to meet and talk with so many of you on “Meet the Teacher Night”. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to come in and hear about what we are doing in school each day. The children loved reading the “grades” and comments that you left for them on their “What’s in my desk?” sheets.

Here are two more items that I would like to share:

Our school is using the PeaceBuilders program to promote a “safe, positive learning environment” for our students by providing violence prevention and character education lessons. It is our goal to teach children the skills they need to be peaceful, pro-social members of the community.

There are five principles that we will be learning, discussing and using in our class this year. They are:

• Praise People
• Give Up Put-Downs
• Notice Hurts
• Right Wrongs
• Seek Wise People

The whole school also recites the PeaceBuilders’ Pledge each morning as part of our daily announcements. This “common language” among staff and students will help to clarify expectations. Please be on the look-out for more PeaceBuilder information to be sent home periodically.

Finally, on a different note, I would like to put together a Team 202 Classroom Directory so you can contact each other easily. Please fill out the slip on the back of the homework sheet and return it to me as soon as possible.

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