“International Dot Day”!!

Today, along with classrooms all around the world, our class celebrated “International Dot Day”! Inspired by the amazing book, The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds, the children spent some time today getting creative and making their own dots with watercolors.

The message of The Dot, “Make a mark and see where it takes you”, is an important message for children (and adults!) to embrace, especially those who worry about their art work and academic work being “just right”.

Also, earlier this week, we launched our first “official” Writer’s Workshop with Peter H. Reynolds’ book, Ish. I shared this book with the children to illustrate to them that creativity and a love of what they are creating are more important than it (the writing or drawing) being perfect. Already they have wonderful pages filled with “ish” writing and “ish” drawings!

These 2 books are well worth an extra trip to the library so you can share them together!

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  1. Julie says on :

    Hi Ms. Sawyer – I missed school today. See you tomorrow. Julie

  2. hsawyer says on :

    Hi Julie,

    We missed you too! Hope you are feeling better! :)

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