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The beautiful faces of Team 202

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“Super Centers”!

Hello Students and Families:

Centers were the new routine that the children learned about this week. We will have four centers for each child to visit each week during our Reading “Wave”. The 4 centers are:

*Read and Respond: Students will listen to a story from Falmouth’s designated reading program, Reading Street. They will then write their thoughts, ideas, connections and questions in a “Reader Response Journal.”

*Poetry & Fluency: Students will work with a partner to build reading fluency (make their “reading voice” sound like their “talking voice”) with poetry and/or specially designed fluency activities.

*Lots of Words: In this center, students will engage in activities that will help them practice sight words, spelling words or vocabulary words. Activities include creating a personal picture dictionary, sight word games and using white boards and letter tiles to practice spelling words.

*Learning Games: This center is designed to practice a variety of skills (phonics, grammar, dictionary skills, etc.) through participation in teacher-made games. These games will match the skills the children are learning each week in Reading Street.

The students each visit one center per day in addition to their time

in reading group with Mrs. Freeman (our interventionist) and/or me! It is my hope that these centers will provide a variety of engaging activities that will allow the children to develop their skills while enjoying a chance to learn by reading, thinking, playing and “doing”! More information about centers will be provided Wednesday night! I look forward to seeing you then!

Until Next Time,

Ms. Sawyer

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Many Wonderful “Days”! :)

Hello Students and Families:

With another week under our belts, the students are adjusting very well to our classroom rules and routines! We enjoyed celebrating “National Anthem Day” as well as “International Dot Day”. The students have completed all of their required fall assessments. These will allow me to tailor the curriculum to meet each child’s specific needs.

This week we will be celebrating “National Constitution Day”. We will learn how the Constitution came to be as well its importance. We will discuss how it relates to all of us, in our homes, our classrooms and our world. We will also be joining the other third grade classes to learn and sing the Schoolhouse Rocks! version of the Preamble to the Constitution.

A few friendly reminders:

*If you have not already done so, please send in a change of clothing to be kept in your child’s cubby. This will save you a trip to Mullen-hall in the event of a spill, puddle, etc.

*Please send a water bottle for your child to use each day. No juices or sports drinks are allowed though. This will help keep class work safe & clean in the event of drips or spills. Water is encouraged and several opportunities to refill the bottles are provided throughout the day.

*Today I introduced a new snack program. In the event that your child forgets a snack, he/she may “borrow” one snack from my snack basket. I will then issue him/her a snack ticket as a reminder to bring a snack from home to replace the snack that was “borrowed”. Just a reminder… there is no swapping or sharing of snacks please.

Until Next Time,

Ms. Sawyer :)

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“International Dot Day”!!

Today, along with classrooms all around the world, our class celebrated “International Dot Day”! Inspired by the amazing book, The Dot, written by Peter H. Reynolds, the children spent some time today getting creative and making their own dots with watercolors.

The message of The Dot, “Make a mark and see where it takes you”, is an important message for children (and adults!) to embrace, especially those who worry about their art work and academic work being “just right”.

Also, earlier this week, we launched our first “official” Writer’s Workshop with Peter H. Reynolds’ book, Ish. I shared this book with the children to illustrate to them that creativity and a love of what they are creating are more important than it (the writing or drawing) being perfect. Already they have wonderful pages filled with “ish” writing and “ish” drawings!

These 2 books are well worth an extra trip to the library so you can share them together!

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A Great First Week!


Our first week together was excellent! We spent time getting to know each other as well as the routines of our classroom. We worked together to develop classroom rules so that each of us feels safe and happy each day in school. We will continue, over the next few weeks, to develop routines that will help each of the children to maximize his/her learning, comfort and confidence within the classroom.
We are awaiting the arrival of our freshly laminated “BOOMERANG FOLDERS”. Your child will be responsible for bringing his/her Boomerang folder home each night and back to school each morning. The Boomerang will contain notes, notices, corrected work and homework. Please be sure to check your child’s Boomerang every day.
Each Monday, you will receive this newsletter with homework assignments listed on the reverse side. Although written for parents, I encourage students to read it weekly too!
Mrs. Pokrass, the school nurse, is asking that each student bring in a change of clothes to be kept at school. Please send the spare clothing in this week in a small shoebox or a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name. The children will keep the clothing in their cubbies. This will save you a trip into school with fresh clothing in the event of spilled milk or food, a wet slide, a big puddle or any other unforeseen event.
I am looking forward to meeting parents at our Meet the Teacher Night on September 29 @ 6:30 P.M. In the meantime, feel free to contact me with questions or concerns either by telephone, by sending in a note or by e-mail.
Also, did you know we have a class ‘blog’? On our blog you will be able to find important dates, double check homework assignments, check out what we have been doing in class and much more! Check it out at and be sure to say hello or leave a comment while you’re there!
Welcome to the third grade and to Room 202! I am thrilled to be working with all of your children this year. It’s going to be a great year!

Ms. S :)

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Our First Day!


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