Wax Museum

19 Responses to “Wax Museum”

  1. maddy says on :

    I loved the wax museum! I loved how you took pics of us!

  2. ryan says on :

    awesome blog

  3. Emma says on :

    Everyone did great and looked great!

  4. celia grace says on :

    awesome wax museum movies!

  5. Anna says on :

    I think we all did an amazing job on the wax museum.

  6. madyson says on :

    The wax museum was awesome!

  7. Maya says on :

    The wax museum was so fun!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!! I loved the pics.

  8. madyson says on :

    I loved the wax museum!

  9. aidan l says on :

    I like it!

  10. josh says on :

    I really liked Aidan’s and it was the only one I saw

  11. charlie says on :

    The wax museum was very exciting!

  12. Dominic says on :

    I like when we did the wax museum and you did your speeches.

  13. hsawyer says on :

    I am so sorry that you had to miss it because you didn’t feel well. We missed you and are glad you are back! Ms. Sawyer :)

  14. Emma says on :

    Ms.sawyer my speech is not in the video section?

  15. hsawyer says on :

    Hi Emma,
    If you click on “Wax Museum Speeches 2010″ it is Speech #6. You will love it! :)
    Love, Ms. S :)

  16. maya says on :

    The wax museam was so fun. Everyone looked so amazing!!!!!

  17. Emma's Dad says on :

    I’m sorry, but it’s not there. #6 is JQA. Please advise.

  18. hsawyer says on :

    So sorry. I sent you an email to explain. ~ Holly

  19. Mahima says on :

    i love all your comments and i love all your pics!! :) :)

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