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Katharine Lee Bates Scavenger Hunt


What an amazing day for a walking trip! We learned about the life of Falmouth’s own Katharine Lee Bates as we traveled Main Street and visited such historically significant spots as the Chamber of Commerce (which used to be Lawrence Academy where Katharine’s siblings attended school) and Odd Fellows Hall (where Katharine herself once attended grammar school). It was a great experience for all!

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Wax Museum

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Wax Museum ~ YOU DID IT!!! :)


Dear Boys and Girls,

Congratulations! You were AMAZING today.  As I walked around, from floor to floor, to check on you, I saw children (you!  :)   ) who were well-behaved, poised, polite, engaging and very knowledgeable about the historical figures that they chose to become for the wax museum. You have worked so hard over the past 6 weeks and it really showed tonight. You should be so proud of yourselves and I am so proud of you, too!!

NOW…for the reason you are visiting the blog, I am working on adding the pictures and videos RIGHT NOW. The videos take a while to post so if you don’t see yourself right away, don’t worry!, keep checking back and it will be on here soon.

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Third Grade Memories

This morning I attended a workshop called “How to use Wall Wisher” (taught by the fabulous Mrs. Brooks!). Wall Wisher is a free online tool where anyone can build a “wall”. Today during our wave, students began to visit our first wall to add his/her favorite memory from our year in third grade. To visit our wall, please click “Memory Wall” under our Blogroll.

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Wax Museum Update

The kids have a lot of questions about the upcoming Wax Museum, on Wednesday, June 9th. Let me give everyone a run-down…

At school, we have been doing research to write an old-fashioned biography book report. Our report will be on display during our Wax Museum.

At home, students should be preparing to “become” their characters… This week’s homework is to design some type of appropriate costume, choose 3 relevant props to go on display, and finalize his/her speech. All students should attempt to memorize their speech before the 9th. It is much more interesting to listen to a presentation that has been practiced many times :) .

These tasks are this week’s homework. This will give students plenty of time to prepare. Please be sure that your child takes this opportunity to work hard. Speeches (completely written), props and costumes should be brought to school on MONDAY, JUNE 7.

On the 9th, we will have a dress rehearsal from 2:00 – 3:00 at school. (Costumes will already be here.) That evening, we will have our performance at 6:00pm. Students should WEAR their costumes (which will be sent home at the end of the school day), and arrive a bit early to be set up and ready to go. Parents will be asked to remain outdoors until we throw the doors open for all to enter.

PLEASE email me with any questions you have as our exciting day approaches!

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Welcome David Coffin!

Today we were treated to a musical presentation by the fabulous David Coffin! Take a peek at these pictures and watch the videos by clicking on “David Coffin’s Visit” under our new “Video” link! I apologize for the poor video quality. I am in the learning stage of taking and adding videos!  Also, check out Mr. Coffin’s site which is now listed under our Blogroll!

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