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Living Wax Museum

Dear Families:

You are invited to attend our “Living Wax Museum” on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 from 6:00-7:00pm.

Speeches are due in the classroom by Friday, June 4th to allow students practice time in front of their peers. I have asked that students bring in their 2-3 props and their costumes for Monday, June 7th, to be prepared for proper set up of Wednesday afternoons performance. All props should fit in a grocery bag. No furniture or weapons are allowed.

Children should arrive, no later than 5:45pm on Wednesday night. We will be “setting the stage” for the Hall of Fame in the hallway, and would prefer it to be a surprise for families when they arrive at 6:00pm. Thank you in advance for respecting this request.

On this night students will pose as wax and will “come to life”-at the press of their button- to give guests a quick rendition of who they are and why they are famous. More detailed information has been sent home with your child and is also available on our “Special Projects” page. If you have any further questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me.


Ms. Sawyer

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Colonial Life Presentation

Thank you to the Falmouth Historical Society volunteers who came to our classroom to teach us about day-to-day life during Colonial times!

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Super Science Extravaganza!

Today our class enjoyed a day filled with stupendous science activities! They finished up their experiments determining the importance of sunlight in a plant’s growth and another experiment done to determine whether plants would grow best in soil, sand or a mixture of the two. Teams of two also examined earthworms (a valuable decomposer and an important member of food chains and webs!) and small groups of students observed and took notes on our newest classmates-4 fascinating (and quick!) anoles! At the end of the day, the children and their first grade buddies ventured outside to search for signs of spring and to do some bird watching.

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Pre-MCAS Dancing!

Before the students started their testing session this morning, the enjoyed a delicious and healthy snack (thanks families!) and then enjoyed a chance to move and dance! We also had a class circle and the children assured each other that they would all do great and try their best. Everybody worked very hard and should be proud of their effort today. Round 2 for Reading Comprehension is Thursday.

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