Art’s Alive

Thank you to Ms. Moffat and Mrs. Kogut for their fantastic Art’s Alive presentation on sculpture. The students (and their 1st grade buddies) learned about balance, motion, gravity and kinetics as well as a variety of sculptors who use these elements to create their own works. Check out these hard-working students and some of their creations.

4 Responses to “Art’s Alive”

  1. Celia Grace says on :

    :) smile:).I LOVED Arts Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T


  2. Mahima says on :

    I liked working with our buddies at arts alive.

  3. Charlie's mom says on :

    I loved the way everyone did something different and how the big buddies worked alongside the buddies. You’re a good class of listeners and make cool art:)

  4. Mahima says on :

    You guys were awesome making your creations!

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