Computer Lab

Every week, on Tuesday, our class visits Mrs. Ansley and the Mullen-Hall computer lab. This is a great way for us to get in some technology time that supplements all of the curriculum that we cover in our classroom.  We spend time doing everything from practicing phonics and spelling to playing math games and taking Reading Street assessments. (Did you receive your notice explaining how you can visit Reading Street online at home?) We also watch curriculum related videos on the state of the art Smart Board to enhance our understanding of current topics of study. We have watched instructional videos about the American Revolution, Food Chains and Webs, the Solar System and even volcanoes. While we are there we also practice our keyboarding (with the program Type To Learn) and the fabulous Mrs. Ansley teaches us technology skills such as how to properly open and close programs, follow file paths and much more! Some of the sites we visit in the computer lab have been listed under our blogroll. Check them out!

Students busy at work in the computer lab!

4 Responses to “Computer Lab”

  1. Mahima says on :

    These are some awesome pics Ms.Sawyer.Keep up the great work!

  2. maddy says on :

    i love how you took pics of the computur lab. keep up the good pics!

  3. anna says on :

    I think every one is doing soooooo good learing how to type.:)

  4. aidan w. says on :

    i love computur lab :)

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