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Taxation Project: Day 2

As I greeted the children at the door this morning, as I usually do, I was met with many less than enthusiastic smiles, several disheartened ”Are we doing that tax thing again?” queries and one perfectly stated “No Taxation Without Representation!”  There was a marked decrease in the number of students wearing jeans (Jean Tax-3 pence) and sneakers (sneaker tax-1 pence). The boycott on chairs (chair tax-1 pence) expanded to a larger percentage of the colonists and there was a definite drop in the number of trips to the water fountain (6 pence)! The queen’s  tax collecting cup was filling rapidly as were the cups of our 2 parliament members, while the colonists’ cups dwindled faster and faster even while they tried to find ways to avoid taxation! In the late afternoon we met as a class-no colonists or queen- on the rug and compared our taxation struggles, feelings and experiences to those of the actual colonists. We talked about no representation, the tax collectors’ experience, the colonists’ opinion of parliament and the queen as well as the feelings that the actual colonists would have had toward the guards and soldiers that were sent by the king to enforce the taxation. We finished with the somber story of the Boston Massacre and will discuss tomorrow how events unfolded after that historic event. It was amazing to see how this activity, based on M&Ms and everyday classroom items, really brought home that idea of “No Taxation Without Representation!” to the students. Ask your child about it!

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