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It was great to see everyone back and ready to learn after vacation. The next eight weeks are going to be very important to us here in Room 202. It is a valuable stretch of time during which we all need to learn as much as we can and work as hard as we can! Are you up to the challenge? I KNOW you are!

Today, as a spring board into our work on the American Revolution, the children arrived and were greeted by “Queen Holly”, the ruler of Colony 202. Each student chose a slip of paper that named his/her job. Jobs included Parliament members, tax collectors, farmers, coopers, blacksmiths and teachers. All colonists were subject to the taxes imposed by Queen Holly to pay for the debt that she incurred during past wars. The tax collectors collected these pre-established taxes and the “pence” were given to Queen Holly who kept most but did give a portion of the taxes to her Parliament. Some new taxes were added at the whim of Queen Holly in the hope of raising even more money to pay off her debts from war! Some colonists opted to try and find a way around some of the taxes (standing or sitting on the floor instead of paying a chair tax!) and all were quietly mutinous as tax after tax were added and their pile of “pence” dwindled. Tomorrow each colonist will receive 20 additional pence for his/her work in the colony but I suspect that Queen Holly may have some additional taxes up her royal sleeve! Check back tomorrow for an update!

11 Responses to “Welcome back!”

  1. Celia Grace says on :

    love the new
    blog and taxation!


  2. hsawyer says on :

    Thanks. Do you think the children who are not a member of Parliament feel differently about it? Why?

  3. maddy says on :

    i loved the taxation without representation. it was so much fun.

  4. Mahima says on :

    i sort of didn’t like the rules and i thought the parliament was unfair.

  5. hsawyer says on :

    I understand Mahima! That is exactly how the colonists felt!

  6. Richard says on :

    The tax was cool

  7. Mahima says on :

    thanks ms.s and i am sorry for the colonists!!!!!!!!!

  8. maya says on :

    Its sad to think and feel how they felt for a long long time!!!!!

  9. richard says on :

    I thought the tax was cool

  10. Emily H. says on :

    I liked the Taxation but I wasn’t at school for the whole day.

    written by Emily

  11. samantha says on :

    i liked to do the taxation.

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