Investigating Book Covers and Book Jackets

As we launched into our Book Jacket Projects, the students worked in pairs investigating book jackets and book covers to see the elements that might be contained on the front cover, back cover, front inside flap and back inside flap of a variety of books from our classroom library. Enthusiasm was high and the duos worked well together!

7 Responses to “Investigating Book Covers and Book Jackets”

  1. Ms. Sawyer says on :

    I loved watching you do this activity!

  2. MADDY says on :

    i love watching me do it too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. duke says on :

    me three I like watching it too

  4. mahima says on :

    i love watching all my classmates doing this project including me!!!

  5. mahima says on :

    i love this activity of this day!

  6. maya says on :

    I loved doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mahima says on :

    i love watching everyone being partners and working together!!!

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